Locate and remove duplicate files using the Windows duplicate file finder, Doppelganger

Version Date of Release
1.0.5 07/11/20116
  • FIXED: Third party controls updated to latest versions
  • NEW: Added new 256-bit code signing certificate to EXE and install
  • IMPROVED: Elevated permissions prompt no longer appears at startup
  • FIXED: Mapped network drives now appear and are accessible
1.0.3 06/29/2013
  • NEW: Added error handling to INI writing routines
  • NEW: Folder Paths and Include/Exclude Filters details now appear in the History log
  • NEW: Added ability to specify type of files to search on (Audio, Video, Documents, Pictures)
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to cSBSDrive class
  • IMPROVED: Added error description information to folder validation routine
  • IMPROVED: Now recognizes both Directory Junction Points and Volume Mount Points filesystem objects.
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to modAPIReadWriteFile.ReadStringFromFile to handle 'Out of Memory' error
  • CHANGED: Removed default list of excluded file type masks    
  • FIXED: Drive and folder sizes larger than 838.86TB are now supported without Overflow errors arising
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Please note:
It is a good practice to have backups of your files. Be careful to not remove the "duplicates" contained in your backups.  There are some files you wish to have copies of !
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