Locate and remove duplicate files using the Windows duplicate file finder, Doppelganger

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What others have said about our Duplicate File Finder...

"Indispensible for my business."   With multiple backup copies of files scattered around my computer and networked drives, it doesn't take long for clutter to pile up.  This is an efficient, easy to use tool for consolidating files and deleting unnecessary duplicates. I couldn't do without it. This company is very responsive to customer inquiries and works hard to maintain good rapport. Wish I could give them more than five stars. - DCPix
"This Software is Amazing!"  The duplicate file finder found and helped me delete 10.5 GIGABITES of duplicate files on my hard drive!!!  - E. Pharaoh
 "Love at first use!!! It's sooo very good!!!"  Does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do, WOW, how novel! It is extremely fast (Dell L702X, W7x64 Intel I5), very intuitive and downright FUN to use 'cause I've been putting off cleaning up all my stuff (2 int & 4 ext HDD's, thumb drives, etc) for way, way too long. - CHS
"This is an awesome program."  I have so far deleted 675GB of duplicate data!   - Travis S.
"Wouldn't be without it"  I always start backing up tidily, but eventually end up with multiple copies scattered across computers and standalone hard drives. helps me get organized again! - Sheila B.
"Best program I ever downloaded !"  This is a "MUST HAVE" utility ! It works perfectly (as described), and is VERY easy for the novice to learn to use. My interest was getting rid of duplicate files. The program does a WHOLE LOT more, however, and it is capable of some AWESOME stuff! Remember all those JPG images whose names you changed? No problem. This bad boy will find duplicate files EVEN IF THEY HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES! REALLY! I simply cannot recommend this program highly enough.  - Scott from Maine
" A 'Must-Have!" After many years and many computers I had thousands of files on floppies, Jaz drives, CD-R's, multiple PC's, and all over the place.  Duplicates aplenty and a huge job to organize.  This software  made the job much much easier.  I use it constantly. It's a joy to find those rare gems of software that actually do one specific job excellently. - Jay T
"Really helped me sort through a bunch of files"  Saved me a lot of effort in trying to find all the duplicates in a ton of files of every description. - bevdotcom

“Tremendous time saver”. I've used it on several occasions where I mixed up files (images) between two folders or had folders containing duplicate items. (The duplicate file finder) lets you compare those two folders and see what’s duplicated allowing you to safely delete the duplicates! - RcWis02

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Please note:
It is a good practice to have backups of your files. Be careful to not remove the "duplicates" contained in your backups.  There are some files you wish to have copies of !
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